Samuel Sattin is an author and coffee addict. In May of 2022, he launched a Kickstarter with renowned                                      artist Gurihiru for UNICO: AWAKENING, in coordination with Tezuka Productions in Japan. He is                                                also the writer of forthcoming books such as BUZZING (Little Brown for Young Readers, Spring                                                  2023), SIDE QUEST (2024), and CRUNCHYROLL'S ESSENTIAL ANIME: Fan Favorites,                                                         Memorable Masterpieces, and  Cult Classics, co-written with Patrick Macias. He adapted                                                      the Academy Award Nominated Cartoon Saloon film WOLFWALKERS (Little Brown for                                                         Young Readers) to graphic novel format, and has published books including BEZKAMP                                                     (Oni Press), Legend (Z2 Comics), and THE SILENT END. His non-fiction work has appeared                                              or been featured in The Nib, The Atlantic, NPR, and elsewhere. He graduated with an MFA in                                           Comics from California College of the Arts and a Creative Writing MFA from Mills College. He                                   lives in Oakland, California with his wife/assassin and two cats. 


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