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After entering a controversial VR program known as Aya, a young woman named Rory finds herself in a strange and dangerous fantasy world, with no memory of how she got there…

Rory, who’s been battling depression caused by her guilt over a terrible accident, agrees to try Aya in a last ditch effort to turn her life around. But when she wakes up in magical forest armed with a glowing white staff, a mysterious map, and a testy little fox-bat named Igus whispering to her about imminent dangers, she discovers that fantasy might not be so pleasant, either. 

Magic, madness, and monsters await, as Rory tries to uncover why she’s been charged to destroy an entity known only as Golmath. 

Ready your Astoral and learn the language of The Silent. Welcome to Adventure Quest. A new serialized novel on Tapas by Samuel Sattin.

Cover and Illiustrations by Katie Longua


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