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"A remarkably well-crafted book young adult novel, perfect for dark and stormy Halloween season ahead. It’s both unique and splendid.​”

—David Gallaher, author of THE ONLY LIVING BOY and HIGH MOON​


“This novel is amazing – horror writing at its finest…The Silent End feels like a modern day Lovecraft novel, with sarcasm and wit added in for good measure.” —Kelly Gerlach, DREAD CENTRAL (5 Stars)


"The care with which Sattin establishes a sense of “place” is one of The Silent End‘s strongest suits, with Mossglow worthy of joining the ranks of iconically established locales such as Buffy Summers’ Sunnydale and LOST’s mysterious Island…the narrative is full of Lindelof-ian twists, and Lynch-ian menace, but what truly sets The Silent End apart is Sattin’s fully realized characters, and the care with which he explores and expands upon their relationships with one another: romantic, platonic, and parental. Characters are driven, first and foremost, by friendships and enmities which breathe life into a story about monsters, murder, and the indignities of high school…The Silent End offers a rare thrill in that glutted field of mediocre young adult fiction, horror, and fantasy: A story which transcends genre and narrative trappings, leaving you guessing until the very end, and wanting more, long after that.”

—Rafi Schwartz, HEEB MAGAZINE​


“Entertaining…A very imaginative horror story for all ages.”
—Frank Michaels Errington,







In a mist-soaked town in the Pacific Northwest three teenagers find themselves pitted against an unearthly menace that dwells beneath the foundations of their high school...

Eberstark is an outcast and he's tired of pretending everything is fine. His mother disappeared almost a year ago after a long battle with depression. His father is conducting experiments and running around town in the middle of night with a mysterious man known only as The Hat, ranting to Eberstark about beasts no one else can see.

Then on Halloween night, Eberstark, alongside his only friends Lexi and Gus, discovers something in the woods to challenge his father's apparent insanity: a wounded monster. Rather than stir the town into a frenzy, the three friends hide the creature and are pulled into a web of conspiracy, dream-logic, and death. Faced down by living trucks, mirror-dwelling psychopaths, and hellish entities who lurk behind friendly faces, Eberstark, Lexi, and Gus find themselves battling to save not just themselves, but the soul of their quiet little to



A Kirkus September Speculative Fiction Reading Pick


“Samuel Sattin has written a young adult novel that’s right over the plate for pop culture fans.”

—Hannah Means Shannon, BLEEDING COOL


"Imagine if Halloween had been written by The Kids in The Hall instead of John Carpenter and you start to understand the wild, mesmerizing mash up that is The Silent End."

VICTOR LAVALLE, author of The Devil in Silver

"Do not read this at night. Do not read this alone. But read it. Now."
SEAN BEAUDOIN, author of The Infects


“The Silent End is a tale perfect for Halloween and geeks…an outstandingly fun read.”

—James Floyd Kelly, GEEKDAD


“Have you ever woken up in the middle of night and wondered if there really are creatures out there that go “bump” in the night? Well, this book won’t help with that. Actually, it’ll probably just encourage the feeling even more. The Silent End is…ready to scare your pants off as it takes you on a journey with three high school kids who discover an unexpected creature in the woods, and it not only unravels their world but shows them that things aren’t always what they seem.”
—Stacie Sells,


“Samuel Sattin’s The Silent End is smart yet accessible, creepy and hilarious, a vividly told novel both teens and adults will enjoy.”



“If you're looking for a good horror novel, you'll want to keep your eye out for this one.”

—Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero, COMIC VINE

"I dreamed I climbed into a 1950s sci-fi rocket ship with Thomas Pynchon, Charles Dickens, H.P. Lovecraft, Jonathan Lethem, Rebalais, and the crew from Monty Python. You can't dream my dream, but you can get everything it gave me. All you've got to do is read Samuel Sattin."

D. FOY, author of Made to Break


“Some of the best horror tales tease what’s behind the curtain, giving the reader a taste of what to expect while keeping the reader on uneasy ground and wobbly footing. From the mystery of the Hat and why Eberstark’s dad is cavorting with him to the shifting reality of the town itself, Sattin doesn’t let readers feel any sort of complacency. This unease about the nature of reality parallels nicely with the struggles the book’s teenage protagonists are facing.

—Jed W. Harris-Keith, FREAK SUGAR


“Deeply melancholy, a little frightening…Samuel Sattin has written The Silent End for teenagers who are actually teenagers.”



“A creeptacular novel written in the style of Stephen King and which reminds me strongly of The Tommyknockers….It’s a masterful combination of horror as well as Young Adult literature which is likely to leave readers scared of their own shadows for a week. After all, you never know what’s hiding in them.”
BOOKIE MONSTER (5 out of 5 Bookies)





Lenard Sikophsky’s father has been feeding him plutonium since the age of six in the hopes of making him the world’s first bona fide superhero. First, he must pass the unusual tests of manhood locked in the centuries old tomb, The Manaton, a secret relic passed down for generations. Falling in love with the beautiful, compulsively suicidal Laura Moskowitz doesn’t make his life any easier. But with the guidance of the Sikophsky men, the antiquated rulebook, and of course a healthy amount of plutonium, Lenard accepts his fate as an exactor of justice. . . .


Twenty years later, Lenard’s son Nemo is introduced to the same destiny as his father, only this time the violent entity called THEY are in dangerous pursuit. Lenard’s life and the legacy of his family are put to the test when he is forced to defend everything he loves.




"One of the most important novels of 2013."



"League of Somebodies is so rich with originality that it's actually radioactive. If you captured Owen Meany in a literary time machine and fed him a strict diet of comic books and plutonium, you would come up with a main character a hell of a lot more well-adjusted than Lenard Sikophsky. Read at your own risk and beware: laughter is the first sign of infection."

Mat Johnson, author of Pym


“If there was an alternate reality where comics god Jack Kirby taught a postgrad "religion and superfamilies" lecture, this would be Sam Sattin's final paper.”

Evan Narcisse, Kotaku


"How to explain this mystic monster League of Somebodies? Part old-school epic, part coming-of-age tale, part comedy in the spirit of Mel Brooks's Young Frankenstein . . . Samuel Sattin is a mad scientist!"

Victor LaValle, author of Big Machine and The Devil in Silver

"League of Somebodies...has been earning praise as a smart look at hero-making that’s part old-school epic, part coming-of-age tale, and part comedy.
Tim Donnelly,
New York Post



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