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WHAT IF A BIO-TERROR AGENT wiped out most of humanity, and our domesticated animals were left in charge? How would our dogs and cats set about ruling and rebuilding the world?


From acclaimed novelist Samuel Sattin and award-winning illustrator Chris Koehler comes LEGEND, where cat technology rules, dogs partner with hawks,and humans may be the most beastly creatures of all.


"This gleeful genre mashup (featuring Lovecraftian monsters, armored cats, and so on) is captured by Koehler’s gorgeous, Rockwellian art - also designed to mimic dogs’ unique, chromatic vision of the world." — ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

"Sam Sattin and Chris Koehler’s Legend is sort of like a post-apocalyptic Watership Down, except somehow even weirder than that elevator pitch sounds." — io9

"[LEGEND] will enthrall you… combines the arduous paths of The Fellowship of the Ring with the detritus-based visual evocativeness of Mad Max to create a story that will make any pet-lover hold their furry buddy close for fear they might lose them when the world ends." — VULTURE

"Writer Samuel Sattin and artist Chris Koehler have truly delivered an epic masterpiece. Seriously, you need to read this comic book. Koehler’s art is gorgeous and the flashbacks that are drawn by Sarah Hawkinson are stunning. Without a doubt, this is one of the year’s best books." — THE NERDIST

"Superbly written by Sattin (The Silent End; League of Somebodies) and beautifully illustrated...It’s not simply a great what-if story, but a close examination of how societies evolve." — PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

"Fascinating." — VOL 1 BROOKLYN








"Superbly written by Sattin...and beautifully illustrated by Koehler."


"Cormac McCarthy-meets-Watership Down."


"What happens when you combine the animalistic focus of HOMEWORD BOUND with the difficulty of forging a new world in the ashes of the old?"


"I could say that LEGEND is a post-apocalyptic Watership Down with dogs and cats and that might be enough. Instead I'll say that the story is fun, scary, and poignant, and the art absolutely gorgeous, melancholy, and menacing. I'm utterly and hopelessly hooked." — Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil's Rock

"Just lovely. Legend is a haunting post-apocalyptic tale, set in a community of tails. This captivating, fully realized canine fable takes its place beside Grant Morrison’s WE3 and Brian K. Vaughn’s Pride of Baghdad, while creating its own new animist mythos. This is a title to watch for." — NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Mat Johnson

"Superbly written by Sattin (The Silent End; League of Somebodies) and beautifully illustrated...It’s not simply a great what-if story, but a close examination of how societies evolve." — PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

"A brutal saga of dogs and cats attempting to rebuild the world….I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the visceral, mature twist on The Incredible Journey I’ve been waiting for." — THE NERDIST

"A harrowing, imaginative new comic... Sattin plays inventively with genre, plying anthropomorphic animals with survivalist fantasy. Koehler’s illustrations inject the most noble and amiable qualities of canines onto the page, cast with immaculate shading and detail recalling Jae Lee and Charles Burns.Legend is poised to join the company of such lauded animal epics as The Plague Dogs, Watership Down and Pride of Baghdad with its own distinct tone." — PASTE MAGAZINE

"Samuel Sattin and Chris Koehler's LEGEND is a lot like what would happen if Harlan Ellison wrote CALL OF THE WILD, while being possessed by Cthulhu. It's an epic tale of loyalty, courage, and defiance." — David Gallaher, THE ONLY LIVING BOY

"Beautiful... There is truly nothing else like this comic" — GEEK.COM

"You would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to check out Legend."


"One of the most interesting storylines I’ve read in years." — GEEK DAD

"So damn good." — Victor LaValle, The Ballad of Black Tom

"This belongs in your collection." —THE OUTHOUSERS

"If you’re looking for a creative team that take the best parts of Tennyson and Watership Down’s Richard Adams, look no further than to Sattin and Koehler." —FREAK SUGAR

"LEGEND combines unforgettable characters, exceptional world building, and delivers an unforgettable, bittersweet read first page to last… Special." — GOOD MEN PROJECT

"Captivating…. [with] amazing art." — SCI FI PULSE

"The artwork is created by the amazingly talented Chris Koehler...[LEGEND] leads you on a suspenseful journey that sometimes scares you but can’t escape your attention." — THE MARY SUE

"Gripping." — DOGSTER

"An action-packed epic, full of warriors and monsters, that surprises with its quieter moments and—yes—its humanity." — Robert Repino, Mort(e)

"Spectacular." — COMICS BEAT

"Thought-provoking." — CATSTER

"Stunning." — BLACK GATE

"LEGEND is an incredible odyssey that will leave you breathless. With its gorgeous art and sharp dialogue, this post-apocalyptic fable is compelling and mesmerizing. Imagine Dark Knight Returns, Animal Farm, and Saga all rolled into one." — Peter Tieryas, author of United States of Japan

"Koehler's artistic style sets a moody stage, with panels colored in unexpected hues, representing a world that's no longer seen through human eyes." — CNET’s CRAVE

"This is high-quality graphic storytelling, with writer and artist working in near-perfect tandem to produce an engrossing new fictional mythology using comics’ unique tools…. Thanks to remarkable world-building and a dynamic collaborative effort, Sattin and Koehler have crafted a fantastic adventure" — BROKEN FRONTIER


"Like a fever dream mashup of Frazer Irving’s artwork covering Beasts of Burden... Spooky [and] soulful. Impressive." — NEWSARAMA


"If you enjoy stories in the vein of the comics We3 and Pride of Baghdad and Orwell’s novel Animal Farm—all tales that use anthropomorphic animals to comment on society—Legend is a book to watch." — FREAK SUGAR


"Touching...profound...fascinating." — OMINICOMIC


"Legend is an endearing tale, filled with darkness and mystery, beautifully illustrated to capture every threat, every surreal horror, and every glimmer of hope."

— Richard Thomas, author of Breaker


"Legend easily maneuvers through multiple storytelling genres" — FANBOY COMICS


"Chris Koehler is a drawing maniac. Readers are invited to see the world through a dog's perspective. We feel like one of the pack. We can smell the smoke, taste the grit in the air, and feel the sun at our backs." — Owen Smith


"Fascinating." — THE NERD MACHINE


"In a scant 21 pages, Sattin and Koehler have made me care more about a new cast of characters than those in long-established series on the newsstands in quite some time. And I want to know ‘what’s next.'" — FREAK SUGAR

"A tale of pets and wildlife fighting back against Lovecraftian horrors."


read the exclusive legend preview and creators interview on comics alliance!

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